AS9100 certifiedThe certification has been performed in accordance with the Requirements of AS9104/1 issued 2012-01, including its implementation, and meets the requirements of the standard:
AS9100D (Based on and including ISO 9001:2015)

Custom Products

Customer-Defined Form-Fit-Function

Focusing primarily on ITAR and military applications, I2R Electronics's IMA production brings all of our integrated technologies together for customer success. Our custom design approach, automated assembly and test processes deliver IMA products which meet demanding targets of size, weight, power and cost.

Die are produced, if necessary, to meet the exacting requirements and then integrated with other die onto MHMIC (Miniature Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuit) modules using multilayer thin film technology and our automated die attach and high speed wire bonders. These modules are then integrated into housings. PC boards are populated and reflowed and married to large laser-welded hermetic enclosures to be tested on our automated performance and environmental test stations. Qualification and verification of environmental characteristics happens on our vibration, shock and thermal test stations.

By using our bare-die MHMIC approach, we extract the highest performance from die level devices while using low cost thin film circuitry to provide compact inexpensive passive components. Integrating these MHMIC modules into large hermetic housings permits the highest performance from these devices, which reduces device count and power consumption. Hermetic sealing at the assembly level in our custom machined housings provides a single verifiable environmental seal instead of dozens to hundreds required in other integration approaches. Housings are designed to maximize use of available space while minimizing weight and controlling thermal and mechanical properties.

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