AS9100 certifiedThe certification has been performed in accordance with the Requirements of AS9104/1 issued 2012-01, including its implementation, and meets the requirements of the standard:
AS9100D (Based on and including ISO 9001:2015)

Sustainment and Upgrades

Chips to Assemblies

Obsolescence mitigation

I2R Electronics is able to custom design and build cost effective replacements for damaged parts and manage repairs and upgrades to legacy systems, even those designed by third parties. Our extensive test capabilities coupled with our broad design acumen enables fault analysis and design of replacement parts for even the most complex RF assemblies. We can then assemble fully compatible replacement parts and re-qualify the resulting assembly for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. Upgrading of performance is often possible by using newer device technology (e.g. GaN upgrades to existing GaAs amplifiers yielding higher power and efficiency). Lastly, depot level repairs or upgrades can be tested and qualified to the original requirements with our internal qualification capabilities.